How To Edit Pictures Like a Pro with Your Phone

In this article I will show you my tricks about Iphone photo editing.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

This is a picture I took at a cute cafe place. The original looked like this:



Now I’m gonna show you how this MASTERPIECE was created. Hopefully you will find this post helpful!


1. Composition is the KEY for iPhone shooting.

No camera? No problem! All you need is your iPhone. I’m sure Android has this option as well.

First things first, open your settings, go to “Photos & Camera”, under the “Camera section”, turn on the button for “Grid”. Now go to your iPhone cam, you will see the grids on your screen.

This trick will help you a lot in terms of compositions. Since this post is all about editing, and I am not a pro for shooting, I will not go into details about how to make perfect compositions. What I do is to put subjects onto the grid intersections. For me, I usually don’t take multiple pictures at the same time, which only takes up more of your memories and makes it harder to pick a perfect one (BC THEY ALL LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME)


2. Choosing a perfect APP.

I usually use multiple APPS to edit one photo. #Dedication

Here are all the apps I installed on mine 😏

Yea it’s a lot. But I’m gonna pick a few that are “ride or die”.



Pretty much everyone has or at least knows about VSCO now. But it’s totally worth the hype! If someone asks me what’s the one photo app that you can’t live without, it would be a no-brainer answer of “VSCO”.

However, not all of its filters are free $$$. Shhh here’s a secret, if you understand Chinese, Taobao is your true hommie. If not, try Google. JUST SAYING.

My favorite filter is C4, but it really depends on the picture itself. You will need to try all of them to find the best one.



Another personal fav: HB2

Pro Tips: Always tone down the filter unless otherwise needed. It gives a more natural feeling. +6 to +8 is a good amount. Again it really depends on the picture itself.

There are tons of tutorial online about how to operate VSCO. I may post one in the future as well 🙂

Download VSCO here



-A Color Story-

I discovered this App 2 months ago and fell in love with it!

Tons of filters, great adjustment panel including curves, and even flare and color fog effects.

Just to give you a general sense of the app: (aka don’t over do it like this pic)



Color fog:

Here’s a before & after pic using this app:

It’s not perfect to me but looks way more vibrant and colorful.

Download “A Color Story” here



-Touch Retouch-

This app is a life saver.

You can get rid of unwanted objects in a few seconds. Of course Photoshop is the ultimate plan but with this app, you can do it on your phone!

Let me show you:

You see that tree on the left side?


You can even extend your object:

Now the tree becomes a part of the Royce Hall!


Download here



-Butter Cam-

This is a Chinese App and its the best app for adding titles. Alternatives are Pic Candy and Font Candy, but I prefer this one because it’s the cleanest and easiest to use. It is the Illutrator in your phone.

You can even add rules and blocks. Now if you are in an urgent to make a flyer, no need to open Illustrator anymore, just use Butter Cam and it will turn out just as pretty as AI does!

These are some flyers I made for my previous internship. 🙂


It has tons of shapes/blocks/bubbles options:

You can also adjust transparency/color (unfortunately only black and white but i think it’s enough) / shades

What I like about it most is its huge selection of fonts!

Most of them are free and super aesthetic.

But if you wanna add color texts, these apps may be your favs: Photogrid/Pic Candy/Font Candy

Download Butter Cam here




This is a trick I learned from my current internship. It’s another lever of adding texts and titles. It works the best for IPad but iPhone works pretty well. Basically you can create your own font/text. It is definitely way more technical, so if you are an artist or calligraphist, this is your best friend. If not, it still brings no harm to try and create something fun!

You can see some samples on this Insta account. She works for Michelle Phan.



-Beauty Cam or FaceTune-

They have the same function – MAKE YO FACE AS PRETTY AS POSSIBLE

The reshape function in FaceTune is legit. It’s incredibly smooth that you can’t tell the difference in the background at all.

But to me, Beauty Cam has more functions: Nose Narrowing/contour/Eye brightening/Enlarging/Details for pimples removal/longer legs/teeth whitening


But once again, never ever over do it.

Download FaceTune here

Download BeautyCam here


– Instagram –

I’d always use Instagram to do the final touch. Sometimes the edit function within iPhone camera roll works too, but I prefer Insta just so I can post it right after. Plus Instagram is a strong tool for photo editing.

I don’t really like its filters (VSCO FOR LIFE)  but I strongly recommend you to try the “lux” function on the top ( the little sun icon) it adds so much more fierceness and takes your pictures to another level 🙂

I also always adjust exposure, contrast, highlight, shadow, sharpness, and fade. Sometimes I add highlight or shadow color depends on the photo itself. This requires more learning for me about the color correction.

Again everything depends on what kind of feeling that you are going for.


3.Social Media Planning

What’s the point of editing a picture without showing them to the world?? Wait, before you post your perfectly edited picture, especially for Instagram, it is strongly recommended to do Insta planning. How?????? You will find out soon in my upcoming post if there’s gonna be one 😀  I do have a lot of tips and tricks that I wanna share. Stay tuned 😀





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