Current Favorite Lip Colors | Everyday Friendly 

No matter how many lipsticks you have on your vanity, you probably will end up grabbing that one or two colors that you just can’t get over with. SO HERE ARE MY 5 current favs! Swatches included 💄

(All lip swatches images by me. Shot with Iphone 6s)


1. #SmokinRose – YSL Vinyl Cream Lip Stain #407


This is the ultimate multiplayer.

It looks fabulous in nearly every situation. Cocktail parties, interviews, date… I wear it everyday even when I just go out and grab lunch. It fits every skin tone and hair color. Everyone looks good with this color, which is why it’s always SOLD OUT.. I know the color varies from individuals, to me it’s a deep red/not too dramatic winish color.

Shout out to this new YSL lip stain line! (The one with the all black container)  It’s super creamy and soft, and the longevity is insane!! The application sponge is way better than its usual line. *Slowly Claps*

btw it smells like boba – millions points for that. This is absolutely my current favorite color!



2. #SpicyVibe – Mac Chili


(Product image from peachesandblush )

So basically it serves the same function as ysl 407 – a multi player!

It’s a little more dramatic than 407, with a matte formula that makes you look even sexier.

The color is more of a orangy deep red, as spicy as its name sounds.

So if today you feel like wearing something that makes you more confident but not too eye catchy, then Chili. And it’s matte. I don’t know what magic trick that matte plays but it just makes you sexy. 😏



3. #Kisskiss – YSL lip Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Lip Stain 

12 Coril Fauve



Whenever I wore this color, my boyfriend will always said to me ” See I like you without makeup”. But girls never go out without lipstick you know 😇  so it’s a “my lips but cuter” kinda color. It makes you more girly and make people wanna kiss and hug you) HAHA

To label a color description, it could be a light pinky red. This is more of an everyday color, not a filming/sexy photoshoot/Clubbing type of color. (Unless you wanna wear it #YouDoYou )



4. #ShineBright – Armani Lip Maestro 509 


Definitely a color that makes you stand out in parties/banquets/or any nicely dressed events.

It’s a red with a hint of pink. What makes it unique is the golden glitters inside the liquid. #ShineBrightLikeADiamond

As always, the longevity of Armani lip stain is hands down the best of all lip stains. It may be a little bit dry if you layer too much or don’t premoisturize your lips.

Btw This is a present from my boyfriend 😋❤



5. #CuteDoll – Tony Moly RD 03


Another easy everyday grab n go color. The tube itself is super easy to just swipe on your lips and go. It’s super smooth and hydrated. You don’t need to worry about applying it perfectly or don’t moisturize your lips enough.

The color is similar to YSL 12 but with a hint of orange. What I do is I always swipe it onto the center of my lips and just quickly press my lips together. It gives my lips a super natural and cute color 🤗



Hope you enjoyed my swatches 😀
These are my current favorite lip colors! Tell me about yours in the comments and see you next time ☺️


Susie ❤️


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