OOTD 8.7.17 | Cat Lady Boss


As your ultimate cat lady, I just had to document this outfit.

The top is T-shirt dress I got from China, at a super low price ofc 😀catdetails

Besides the fact that it has cute cat print, I was really drawn to the cut design on the bottom of the T-shirt. This simple design trick is a game changer for this long T-shirt and makes it unique. It adds a funky flavor to the simpleness and also shows whatever bottom that I’m wearing.


Black and white never gets old right, so there’s mine go to high-waist white bottom that you can find in nearly every clothing store.



Since this outfit is kinda like cute kinda like sporty, but also super modernish, I had this mini two-strap bag from Adidas.


I absolutely love this bag!! It’s super small and handy. Gives you that fashion lookalike feels but also makes you hands-free! Plus it can actually fit in a lot of stuff.



For Lipstick, I chose a pink one to show the “ladyness”. It’s Speak Louder from M.A.C.



Alright one last thing, CHOKER! Doesn’t it look like a cat neck ring? 😀


Sorry I’m just obsessed with cats 😀







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