#KCON17LA Experience Ft. Koreos/Heyitsfei/Girl’s Day/And More

Post KCON just hit me really hard.

I’ve been to KCON twice and last year was already a blast! We (@koreosucla) taught dance workshops and performed on the convention stage. Most excitingly, I GOT TO DANCE WITH MAY J LEE FROM 1 MILLION DANCE STUDIO😍!
Click the picture below to watch the video of me dancing with May J yayayay

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 2.45.25 PM.png

Anyways, this year, KCON was just as amazing!
We got the opportunity of performing at CJ Cultureplex Booth by DIA TV, and Heyitsfei was the MC for us😍 She is sooooooo cuteeeeeee (Check our her YouTube here)
Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 12.48.06 AM.png

She is such a cute lil doll ❤️

The most amazing experience was performing at the convention stage. I always enjoy the feeling of performing which is very different from producing dance covers. With performing, we only have one chance to show the best of what we got. Hearing the cheering from the audience is the best feeling TT and thank you @leki.rivero for the amazing fancam ❤️ watch my performance here !

Koreos also held a huge random play dance game aka Kpop rush. Seeing everyone dancing to TT made me realize how powerful Kpop can be. Video here

The meet and greet event was also a success. I am truly surprised and so appreciated to receive the love and support from every single one of the fellow Kpop friends! Thank you guys so much for supporting Koreos (Insert a crying but appreciated emoji here)


I’m also happy to meet with people who are from the same Kpop dance community! @cdiamond.gif


@lex.covers @xyoyouax


and @randomdancuerk @qxeddie  and so many more!! sorry I didn’t get pictures for all of you guys TT but some are featured in my KCON recap videos! Watch it at the end~~

OK LAST BUT NOT LEAST. I SAW GIRL’S DAY when they were leaving the SEP Beauty Booth. They are so so so beautiful especially my dear Hyeri!!! The clip is also included in my KCON recap video!

Here it is:

Until next time❤️


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